Thursday, February 28, 2013

Neighborhood Finds: The Park Cafe

I love Salt Lake City.  I've lived in Salt Lake for around four years now, and I'm still finding new and fascinating and beautiful places to explore all the time.

So, welcome to Neighborhood Finds!

The Park is not a new find for me, but it's one that Husband had not yet been to.  Let's consider this installment his new find. (And an old favorite of mine.)

It's situated on the south end of Liberty Park, my favorite place for summer runs, duck watching, and evening picnics.  So the location is beautiful (even in the wet and muddy February/March time frame.)

The menu is full of omelets, scrambles, and sandwiches, with a new daily special always posted.  Today's daily special is the Don Juan burrito, and it's chock full of as much Mexican goodness as you can imagine.  Yum.

But today, I ordered the Michigan Hash (my faaaaavorite) with pancakes, and Ray got a steak.  Because of course he did.  He is the man who eats 4-pound burgers for fun.  I should have known he'd be the "steak for breakfast" type of guy early on.

And promise me if you go, you'll order the bacon.  Everything there is top notch; especially the pancakes.  But the bacon? is insane.  The most juicy, flavorful bacon I've ever had.  And perfectly cooked.

The decor is also beautiful.  Menus under table glass, hilarious syrup bottles, a light airy space, and wall art that constantly changes according to which local artists The Park is sponsoring.  Right now, ir's adorable owl work. (And if you're there while we are, you'll catch Husband mugging for the camera.)

You should go!  And prepare yourself for plenty of leftovers.
Unless you're like Husband, and can eat an entire steak for breakfast.

And lastly, P.S., according to that first picture clear up there, today is a beautiful sunny day!
It's also deceivingly cold, but I dress for looks, not for the feel.

Happy almost Spring!

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