Wednesday, February 13, 2013

to haircut. or not.

in the spring of 2009 i got the sudden urge to chop my hair off. i was fresh off a break-up that had been a long time coming. (like pretty much since our first date, since he was really just a rebound from my last boyfriend. a boyfriend who happened to be his friend/roommate. but that's really another story...) so probably a week after the thought first occured to me, i was sitting in a swively chair wearing that uncomfortable apron and reading a people magazine so i wouldn't have to talk to the hairdresser. i really hate small talk guys. more than almost anything.
i came away with this.

i first need to address my ridiculous self portrait and remind you that it was a simpler time then. and that i really favored the high contrast color edit (i actually had to lighten it up a lot it so you could actually see the haircut). also i wish i could say that i found this picture buried away in the depths of my computer, but actually it's just an old facebook profile picture. we learn and we grow.
so the point of all this rambling is that i am again struck by the notion of cutting my hair off. something in this family.

yes, i am obsessed with alexa chung. hopefully in a not-creepy way.
so i guess my only hang-ups about hair decision 2013 are as follows. first, i've been growing my hair out since regretting the last big chop. i don't really want that to happen again. second, my hair is real easy to do now. like, i basically shower, half dry it and then go to sleep. wake up, brush, go. short hair is usually more upkeep. and thirdly, i don't want to fall into the stereotype of the girl who gets married and suddenly chops off her hair and stops wearing make-up. that's a stereotype right?

... (Ashley's chiming in)...

If it's a stereotype, then it's apparently one I've fallen into.  Lo and behold, my new hair cut:

I mean, it's not that short.  And to be fair, I was already planning on chopping my hair (considering a pixie cut?) pre-marriage.  That may still occur come spring/summer time.  But the no makeup thing?  Double check.  Add to that list a total lack of outfit accessorizing, and you've got me pegged.
we will keep you posted as our hair decisions progress.

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