Tuesday, February 5, 2013

skirt optional.

lacy's quick and easy method to dressing for work while breaking dress code. 

*i'm not doing outfit details because everything pictured is like three years old. and probably you don't care.
step one - look at drawer full of tights and utter a hell naw. (quietly to yourself, because your husband is still sleeping. you'll throw a cat on him before you go to rouse him) 
step two - completely bypass rows of skirts in closet and reach for a pair of grey skinny pants. (you might have several pairs that look almost identical. go with what you feel.)
step three - button up a long floral printed shirt that's at least two years old. layer a cardigan if it's not too much work to keep your sleeves from bunching underneath it.
step four - choose footwear based on weather conditions. only wear your brown boots if it's not actually raining, because they have a hole in them. (if your new boots weren't on an apparently infinite backorder you could wear some that were more sea-worthy.)
step five - spend exactly 45 seconds on your hair. this isn't a day to exhert much effort. you're wearing PANTS. revel in the ease of dressing.
step six - take a picture of your rebellion in your bedroom mirror or in the dressing room of an h&m. i'm not picky. 

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  1. Please teach me how to spend 45 seconds on my hair. Thanks.