Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Husband and I have no plans for this weekend, which feels strange.  However, we're looking at high 40's temperatures here in Salt Lake!  Time to bust out short sleeves, cropped pants, cruiser bikes, and popsicles!  Okay, maybe not really.  But I am hopeful to spend some time outside soaking in the (minimal) sun.

Here's this week's favorites!

This room is killing me. I love a good, dark accent wall.

At a recent church activity (a chili and chocolate cook-off, yum!), someone brought this chili.  It's a delicious pork tomatillo twist on the old classic.

I have a soft spot for old-timey battle gear, pirates, flags, maps, and the like.  This real-life battle ship flag, flown in the Battle of Trafalgar, makes my heart happy.
And it's GIGANTIC!  So cool.

This gif that my best friend sent me with the caption, "I shall play you the song of my people!"
(sorry, don't have the original link!)

And this goofball attempt to re-create Mary Poppins' umbrella flight.
I'm sorry, sir.  Did you really think that was going to end any differently?
Welcome to physics 101.


hey guys! it's lacy and i'm as excited for the weekend as ashley is. brian and i's weekend plans are also pretty minimal, but include searching salt lake for a ukelele and a new camera lens. (guess who go their tax return back this week). i also plan to let oskar roll around outside to his heart's content. that cat really appreciates itching his back on cement.

 i want some pretty crewel work sooo much. and i figure buying it is a lot faster than learning how to do it myself. find this one here, and go ahead and check out their whole shop while you're at it. it's incredible.

 did anyone else almost shed a tear when ben affleck won another oscar? just me?
i've loved him since 8th grade (even through the j-lo years) and i really relish in his success.

this is pretty spot on. except now i go to my room voluntarily.

 i can't pretend i don't want a pair.

i would live here and eat "downstairs" every night.
and oh my goooosh i just noticed the hammock. wanty.

also "evolution of mom dancing." check it out.
you won't be sorry.

happy weekending!

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