Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hello. and welcome!

i just wanted to say welcome! welcome welcome welcome welcome.... i am going to stop there before i go into a full blown she's the man quote.

because that's no way to start a blog. (actually i think that's probably a great way to start a blog, but i'm trying to be more of a grown up? or something?)
anyway. welcome! ashley and i are thrilled and excited to start this new blog together. and since neither of us want to have children anytime soon, this can be how we spend our spare time. this blog will showcase our efforts to be "lifestyle" bloggers (those quotes are on purpose...) and probably include things like recipes, crafts, and maybe even an outfit of the day situation?
i also plan on asking for advice with those grown-up things that plague me. like liquid eyeliner. who has the time or knowlege of how to properly use that stuff? i'll be awaiting your input.
now for anyone who doesn't know us...introductions!
i'm lacy. i  recently married the nerdy cool guy of my dreams and we both really like cats and records. i got my degree in sociology and am currently not using it at all in my job as an administrative assistant. i like to fill my time looking at nailpolish, pretending to know how to cook, pinning crafts i'll probably never do, reading product reviews, waiting for summer, and wishing my hair was thicker.
Hi, this is Ashley. You’ll recognize me on this blog as the one who doesn’t make small life decisions (hey, I’m good either way!), and cannot make big life decisions without turning into a ball of anxiety-ridden, pro-con list making and tossing, life-examining mess. My job is accounting, but don’t worry, I won’t tell you about that. My passions are… no, strike that, passions sounds dumb. My life-long joys include, wait, that seems trite, too. Okay, I love to cook or bake anything (except pie crusts). I like summer so I can ride my beach cruiser and go boating. I like winter so I can shovel snow and wear hats in a believable way. I like spring and fall because, well, they are definitively the best. My husband is super great in all the necessary ways, and I’ll probably always refer to him as Husband on this here blog instead of by his name, which is Raymond.


so that's us in a nutshell. as you follow along on the blog you'll get to know more about us and our delightful personalities. happy blog-stalking!

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