Friday, February 8, 2013

friday favorites.

ready for another round of the all the cool stuff we liked this week? yeah? me too!
this dinner party situation that i can't stop thinking about. i miss the outside. i miss it so much.
this happens too much in our house. but instead of food, they want to play fetch. (seriously)
this idea to make a notebook of 50 restaurants to try and then picking one every week (or however often your budget allows). since i hate HATE picking the restaurant, this could be a game changer.
i'm still having a hard time coming to terms with this fact.

watch this and then the rest of mamakat's videos. and then check out her blog while you're at it.
thanks to shutterbean for changing my morning with this video.


Oh man, I also want to do that restaurant notebook idea.  So, so brilliant.

Okay, here are my favorites!

Nude nail polish by e.l.f.  Not only is it dead cheap, but I love that it's nearly clear with just a kiss of soft pink.  Perfect look for a soft manicure.

These gorgeous hand-carved vessels.  I can't stop thinking of them.

This bold paint color, and brilliant idea for a space-saving DIY nightstand. Found via Apartment Therapy

This Kringle recipe.  So beautiful, and a laminated dough method that I've never seen before.  Gonna attempt it this weekend, I hope! (Also, I love Joe Pastry. So great.)

Mr. Rogers' touching Emmy's speech.  This man inspires me so much.
Also this article entitled Can You Say 'Hero'?, originally from Esquire magazine, written by Tom Junod, about Mr.Rogers is perfection.  What a beautiful man.

 Have a lovely weekend!  Make it your own favorite!

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