Monday, February 25, 2013

stripes and pinterest.

admitting you're addicted to pinterest is kind of along the same lines as saying you like ice cream or the beatles, right? none of those are shocking revelations and kind of go without saying.
but i'm going to say it anyway. i love pinterest. it helps me cook dinner and find more cookies to eat. it shows me what my apartment would look like if we had any money. and it helps me get dressed.
like this pin. which inspired the outfit below. (sadly, with infinitely worse photographs. anyone else as sick of these mirror shots as i am? this is my official request to my husband to start taking some of my outfit pictures)
i already had all of these things, but i never think to wear more than two layers. it also only rarely occurs to me that i can wear my button up shirts unbuttoned. thanks pinterest!
also that hairstyle is called "brush out a two-day-old side braid and call it good."
i also saw this pin and turned it into this.
seriously, these mirror pictures are becoming a problem.
also can we talk about how crazy similar those floral patterns are? the biggest difference is probably that the pinned skirt is probably new and expensive, and my dress was purchased for $15 from delias in 2006. otherwise....identical.
happy monday and happy pinning!

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