Monday, February 11, 2013

adventures in pie-making.

this title post reminded me of "adventures in babysitting." did anyone else grow up watching that movie? was anyone else suuuuper disappointed when they finally started babysitting and found out it was never very exciting, and also that no one ever showed up to kiss you when you were leaving.

oh unsatisfactory adolescence.

anyway. pie-making. i finally got around to this yesterday after the perfect one and a half hour post church nap.  

Photo Feb 10, 11 09 40 PM

so, i'm the kind of person that really likes to research stuff. if i'm having some health ailment or our cats are being weird, to the googles i'll go. and even though the internet usually tells me i'm pregnant or have cancer, nothing can stop me from typing my symptoms into that search bar. 
so i did some research on pie and pie crust before i embarked on this journey. this tutorial on the pioneer woman blog was my favorite because it explained the mechanics of what made a good pie crust. and it was a very laid back pie approach. (did i really just type those words?)
Photo Feb 10, 11 10 57 PM

my bottom crust wasn't the most successful thing that's ever happened. but i don't care because my top crust was way better. improvement people! that's how we grow. (also i made the pie in a cake pan. because i shun convention)
Photo Feb 10, 11 12 12 PM

what this picture doesn't show is the disappointment i felt for forgetting to add butter to the filling before i firmly sealed that top crust on. what it does show is how different the lighting can be in the small expanse of my kitchen.
Photo Feb 10, 11 14 05 PM

this was the end result. messy, but proclaimed delicious by both the pie-maker and the husband of the pie maker. i'm so proud i almost want to name it, but i can't quite justify naming something i'm just going to eat. and eat quickly. (but in case i change my mind on this point, i'm leaning towards the name greta) 
i'm already excited to try this again. things i want to do differently next time include:
- using a pie pan. (forget what i said about shunning convention. i was just too cheap to buy one this time)
- not forgetting to add the butter to the filling
- using a mix of fruits (and fresh fruit. i feel like that might make the filling a little more substantial)
 - try different tops. (crumb top, lattice top)
so what i learned from this is...pie sounds scary. but you should try it! and let me know how it goes.
and if you used a cake pan....

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