Friday, February 22, 2013

friday favorites.

guess what! it's friday again! i'm super looking forward to sleeping in, having time to organize some things and probably ending up baking something while the husband studies. here are some favorite things i came across this week!
maybe i should just plan on always having something cat related to share? this chart is pretty accurate. especially the cat depression. i consistently worry that oskar is depressed. that cat feels emotions hard.
milk glass! i love it. i have a singular vase that i got from my great grandma, but i hope to have more someday. so so pretty.

this guy.

 i am crushing hard on these fish tacos. i hope they are in my life soon.

after the kissing scene (i'm such a sucker for a kissing scene..) this might be my favorite part of the movie.
i read this post by thoughts from the girl next door at least three times in a row. it's a really good reminder of what's actually important. as opposed to the stuff i often get so caught up in. (like having the apartment dusted before people come over. seriously?)
also this post by the wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell about how she takes care of herself was great. maybe i'll write my own someday.


Hey-oh.  Happy Friday, happy weekend!


This xkcd post makes me giggle. (And pretty much all other xkcd comics.)

I'm obsessed with 3D printing, and this 3D pen is just mind blowing.  Watch it being done here.

Iced honey mascarpone and almond cake with fig salad

The Gourmet Traveller recipe index is just a wealth of incredible recipes.
I'm currently jonesing over the beauty and combination of flavors of this honey mascarpone almond cake with figs.

I'm sorry I said 'jonesing.'  But I can't promise it won't happen again.

This gorgeous brick stairwell topped with a chandelier,
and basically the entire house as well.

This article about the importance of having pictures of yourself, no matter how fat or self conscious it makes you feel.

And a little JT for your weekend.  (How is he so cool?)

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