Thursday, July 11, 2013


Let's all just take a moment to revel in the perfection of this beautiful, beautiful dress.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Thursday.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

what i wish i was wearing - holiday edition

sometimes i like to pretend that people come to me with style advice. 
they don't...
but! if someone asked me if it was cool to dress up for the fourth of july i would respond with an emphatic yes. and not only that, this is what i would suggest that they wear. (see how helpful i am?)


holiday by lacy-walker featuring cashmere sweaters
anchors, stripes, and rolled up jean shorts. (jorts) it really doesn't get more patriotic than that. oh wait, keds! it DOES get more patriotic.

a little denim-on-denim action works for any occasion. throw in some kicky red shoes and you've got yourself a holiday outfit, mister.


holiday by lacy-walker featuring a knee length pencil skirt
maybe you have somewhere fancy to go for the fourth of july? i don't know your life. but if you do, bust out this little number. you'll be golden. (or red, white, and blue. whichever)


holiday by lacy-walker featuring red and white prom dresses
in my mind, gingham is about as americana as it gets. grab a cardigan in case it gets a little cooler during the fireworks. and feel free to match your shoes to your belt. i'll support it.


holiday by lacy-walker featuring j crew
is there a lot going on here? yes. are you going to look super kick-ass while you eat your snocone? absolutely.