Wednesday, February 27, 2013

cheap-o wall decor.

so living with roommates and living with your husband are fairly different experiences. (duh) living with roommates you really only get to decorate your own room and the living areas just become a hodge podge of everyone's stuff.
so when i suddenly had all the walls of an apartment to decorate, the first thing i thought was "hey awesome" followed by an "oh crap" after realizing we don't have much money to spend on things like wall decor. here are some of the ways we've covered wall space with minimal financial distress.
we just put this up on sunday and i am in love with it. you can purchase the pdf for this (and lots of other pretty posters) at caravan shoppe for the low price of 5 dollars. then it's just a quick trip to staples to get it printed and bam! giant wall art for around $13. an even cheaper option is printing one of your own photos in black and white. ashley did this with some wedding photos and they look awesome.
i originally used this clothesline to hang up christmas prints. sometime in january i decided maaaaybe i should switch it up so i hung up the polaroids from our wedding day. (also i know i should take my glitter tree down. but i just love it so much)
finally, we used these $1 hangers from ikea to hang up brian's beloved National posters. i would love to do a couple rows like this with colorful prints in a baby's room. (in a couple years. calm down mom)
a collage wall of the various art things we've collected is in the works. and by in the works, i mean i have a pile of prints that i need to arrange somehow and i haven't done it because i'm lazy. real life.
we'll see how it goes.
[all photos taken by brian while i sat on the couch and watched the oscars]


  1. I totally have those hangers, but was using them in my closet, Doi! I might steal that idea.

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