Wednesday, March 6, 2013

peeeeeeeanut butter!

when i got married, i knew the biggest issue brian and i would have would be what kind of cookies we baked. i die for chocolate chip and brian loves peanut butter. peanut butter cookies have never been a thing i've enjoyed. i just think of the flat dry ones served to me by lunchrooms and well-meaning babysitters. they seemed like a waste of a cookie and i could not see the appeal.

but then! i found this recipe and it might just be the thing that helps us stay married. (i say, a couple who eats baked goods together, stays together)

firstly, these are ALL the ingredients. easy.
Photo Feb 23, 6 56 37 PM
secondly, you get to chop chocolate. which is one of my favorite things to chop. especially when it's dark chocolate.

Photo Feb 23, 7 00 14 PM
thirdly, this recipe is so easy. and it doesn't have any flour or white sugar! brown sugar is healthy, right? even if it's not....look!

Photo Feb 24, 4 36 28 PM

look at how beautiful they are! these cookies are so chewy and moist. (i think i'm one of the few people who doesn't have issues with the word moist) and look at those hunks of chocolate!

word on the street is that we made a dozen cookies and only two lived to see morning...but i can't verify if that's true or not. (it is)

recipe found on averie cooks. click it, make it, eat (ten of) them.
lacy, out.

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