Monday, March 4, 2013

Indoor Garden

I woke with the sun Saturday morning.

And before you think that means I woke up at 5 a.m. or something ludicrous like that, let me change my opening sentence.

I was woken BY the sun on Saturday morning.  Just a few minutes before eight in the morning.

It struck me that I had croissant dough in the fridge, and that was enough to pull me out of bed.
(Oh, and also the fact that I take my birth control at around 8.  Precautions, you know.)
And the croissants, boy, were those a lovely Saturday morning breakfast.
(I'll show you the recipe for those later!)
But what I enjoyed just as much were the 15 minutes or so I spent with my basil plant.

With my first steps in the kitchen, I opened the blinds and watched
as the sun hit the green leaves.  I imagine the leaf pores just ecstatic from the light.

I sat over it and ran my hand through the deep, flat leaves;
that sweet and fragrant unmistakable basil smell wafted up.

The basil plant took a refreshing shower in the sink,
and overgrown leaves were gently pinched off.

I wrapped them in a paper towel to be delivered to my sweet sister later.
Because when you have something this beautiful... it's worth sharing.

There's nothing quite like an indoor plant to take you away
from the cold winter breezes and directly into summer sweetness.

I recommend it.

What plants do you keep watch over?

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