Tuesday, March 26, 2013

wishlist - march

Photo Mar 26, 8 41 08 AM

1. I think one of these wall mounted magazine holders might be a good way to store our mail. maybe better than the basket that keeps tipping over when I put too many magazines in it...

2. Ashley showed me these cat rings, and I can't lie. I think they're the greatest.

3. during a lunchtime visit to Lush i got a sample of this moisturizer. i was reluctant to try it because it's a bit on the expensive side. which of course means I won't be able to live without it. i wish I say i'm sorry that i was right. but i'm not! my normally oil-prone face can now make it through the day without someone being able to see their reflection in my forehead!! game changed. also my "one week" sample is still holding strong at two weeks, So I feel like if I take the plunge this might last till brian and I have a baby. (so a few years, is what i'm saying.) also if you have oily, somewhat acne prone skin I also highly recommend this.

4. my friend Hannah keeps getting cool toys for her desk and i'm jealous. these are nice to look at, and maybe will work as some kind of stress ball substitute? at the very least they seem like they would be good to throw at people.

5. let's face it. i'm likely never shelling out the money for hunter boots. these are just as cute and at a much more reasonable price point. we're talking about a Portland trip at the end of the summer and between that and Utah's unpredictable rain cycles, I just think I should be prepared for inclement weather.

6. I need a motorcycle jacket in my life. Like yesterday.

7. i'm seriously considering getting a new bike. I have had some great times on my beach cruiser, but sometimes having things like gears and handlebar brakes would be nice. also this would match brian's new Schwinn bike, which puts us in the finals for cutest/grossest couple of the year award. fingers crossed!


  1. Um is your Portland trip for real? Cause I could totally meet you there, or you could extend it a bit and come up to Seattle!

  2. You can never go wrong with any Lush product. I've never tried anything I didn't fall in love with. Just so you know. ;)