Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Belting and Birthdaying

Happy Monday!

We had a lovely weekend over here, celebrating Husband's 30th birthday.

I made him a chocolate cake with salted caramel bacon buttercream.  It was pretty delicious (and rich!) if I do say so myself.

But instead of showing you the party festivities (there was a rented popcorn machine and a homemade banner involved), I will show you what a wore!

Look, I know you all hang at the edge of your seat each week to see my clothes.
Ha, kidding.  But I'm mostly excited about this outfit because
a)  I'm learning how to layer
b)  I'm learning how to accesorize
c)  I'm wearing sandals!

Oh, alright, alright, I'll show you some pictures from the party.

He loves dinosaurs.  And popcorn.  And bacon.

I think we hit all those marks sufficiently.

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