Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

You. Guys.  I found out last night, on the brink of sleep, all lights turned out, good nights said, that Husband had never seen or heard the Rebecca Black Friday song or video.  He had never seen it!  That particular problem was taken care of immediately.
Don't even worry.

I'm not even going to link it because I know that YOU guys know what I'm talking about.

 Here's today's line up:

FIRSTLY!  Adult Summer Camp!  I think I've alllllmost got Husband convinced that we have to go.

We're moving, and with it, I have all the desires to want new decor.  Love this.

Easter traditions!  I think I may try these Hot Cross Buns tomorrow.
And I love the sounds of this Japanese Cheesecake (cooked in a loaf pan?  brilliant)

More decor, but I think this is truly beautiful.
My grandma gifted me a hand-crocheted doily for my wedding, and it holds a special place forever and always.

And lastly, an entire composition page created for the coin sound.  So amused.


happy Friday party people!! guys, this has been a tired week. was it just me? or was everyone having a really hard time trying to get the motivation to do the dishes instead of laying on the couch watching the o.c. (it's so bad it's good. somehow?)

anyway i'm looking forward to making a blanket fort with brian and watching a lot of movies this weekend. hopefully the fort lasts till sunday. fingers crossed!

here are a few things I was into this week:

 this wooden sign tutorial. super cute, right?

 this picture makes me want some hunter boots and a little girl to go with them.

 umm, this is so accurate it almost makes me uncomfortable.

 have I already talked about away we go? have you watched it yet?
seriously my favorite.

i'm so glad ira glass can so eloquently put into words the things i'm thinking.

this pizza recipe from shutterbean almost made me drool at my desk. gross, right? I don't sugarcoat things around here.

the Provo airport is offering non-stop flights to San Francisco! Brian and I are seeeeeeriously considering booking an anniversary trip back to that magical place. (the tickets are pretty discounted for the next week)

have a beyond wonderful weekend everyone. make sure you eat some cookies or you're just wasting it.

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