Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy happy Friday!
We'll see you on the flipside (what does that even mean?) when we return from sinful Las Vegas.
In the meantime, enjoy our favorites!

This gif I found whilst blog-stalking Lacy's tumblr.
(Ha, her face is priceless...)
This brilliant idea to use angel food cake for french toast.

A gorgeous pop of blue in this white washed kitchen

A nostalgic RV that makes me excited to road trip (even if we're not cool enough to have an RV)

An inspiring comic. (I want to write this on everything)

And this AVClub feature, HateSong, that cracks me up when I need a vitriol release.
Especially Kyle Kinane's take down of 'Little Drummer Boy'


i don't know about the rest of y'all but i am ready for this week to be over. i've found work is waaaaaay worse when i actually have a ton of work to do. who knew? i'm ready for road-tripping and wearing shoes that don't require socks.

this week i've been loving...

this adorable packing tape.
 joy the baker's homemade cat toys. (i want a fluffy orange cat someday)
 this striped top to add to my collection.
i wouldn't mind pairing it with this.

these mint chocolate cheesecake popsicles that i want to eat RIGHT NOW.

calvin is such an inspiration.

also this post on expectations by unconventionally beautiful.

and the av club is doing a classics rewatch of gilmore girls! anyone else excited?

have a lovely weekend all! hopefully we're not too hung over to post on monday!
(i'm kidding...probably)

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