Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Apartment Decor

Husband and I are moving this weekend.  It was a decision made quickly and a place found quickly and a move being done quickly, and I'm in a whirlwind of excitement, sadness, nostalgia, frantic-packing mode.

Moving out of our first married apartment, and truth be told, the apartment we first kissed in, the apartment we chose paint colors for, the apartment we came home to after our honeymoon... It's bumming me out.  So, to get myself back into excitment-happy stage, I've been pouring over my decor board on Pinterest.  We have a whole new place to decorate!  It just so happens to be a smaller place, so I can't get ALL the things.  But I'm hoping to add one or two new touches (including a new couch, table, and microwave, since our old place came furnished and our new place... well, it does not.)

I love the below-pictured items for their simplicity.  Good lines and gray tones (I can't get enough gray; it's such a soothing color to me).  I'd love to add these items to our new bedroom.

 This Ikea print, as part of a set of three. 

No longer listed but originally found at Rockett St. George via Apartment Therapy

 Homemade curtains using a shower curtain!  Brilliant.

I already have so many kitchen items, it would be near impossible to add too many more (aside from the afforementioned need for a kitchen table).
Besides, I already have my homemade art, that's basically my favorite thing ever.

But I could definitely see myself giving someone a good hard kick in the shins if it meant I could get this Salt Bird in return.
It just kills me with it's prettiness.  Kills me.
Maybe I'll have to finally place an order for it as a prize for moving!

And as long as I'm in dreaming mode, let's go ahead and add these to the list:
 This Chesterfield sofa is the most elegant thing.  Fancy and comfy.
Unfortunately, it no longer shows as available at Canvas.
(as if I ever could have afforded it anyway...)

The whole entire house... I die.  It's my absolute dream, my lust, my undying love.
I would have a child with this house.
In the meantime, I might settle for its natural colors and airiness.  Love.

And, while we're dreaming... let's just throw in this shower, too.

Now, about that salt bird.
Happy housewarming to me...

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