Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Oil Cleanse Method. Proven.

And we're back!

I mean, we were back three days ago.  But it was hard enough dragging myself back to work, let alone write something up.  Sometimes the sunny Vegas weather just clogs the creative flow.  BUT! I have something awesome for you today.

Have you heard about the Oil Cleanse Method?  Lacy first introduced me to this face cleansing technique about a year ago, and I scoffed and scorned her for ever about it.  And then.... we made the leap.  One night, we decided we'd do this crazy thing and risk oily skin and breakouts galore.

Lo and behold, it ended up being the best thing I've ever done for my face, and I haven't looked back since.  If I ever use a different cleanser for even a few days, I notice a marked difference.  I use the oil cleanser every night, and typically no other cleaner in the morning.  Just a rinse of water, and that's it.  My skin has never looked better.  Even my mom was like, What have you been doing?!

So, here it is.  Make a mix of half castor oil and half olive oil.  I cleaned out an old travel-size antibacterial container for my mixture.  And got to mixing!  (Side note: can we talk about how hilarious it is that Trader Joe's likes to use fancy monikers like 'Trader Giotto's' and 'Trader Jose's'?  I'd probably think it was just the teensiest bit un-PC if I didn't think it was so funny.)

Anyway.  That picture up there is my 50% olive oil.  I just eyeball it.  Like I do in pretty much all of my cooking as well.

And then I fill it the rest of the way with castor oil.  I love watching it sink through the olive oil and settle in the bottom.  But be sure to shake it up well to mix it before you use it!  (I'm not going to pretend it's okay that I'm posting a giant picture shouting LAXATIVE on our blog.  I only use this for cleansing! I mean, FACIAL cleansing!)

After your mixture is made, all you need is a good wash cloth!  And steamy hot water.  First, I rinse off my make up.  I do this by using soap and water. Preferably liquid hand soap.  I KNOW, I know, that's the most terrible thing I could ever do to my face... I'm not buying it.  I've never noticed soap to mess with my face, unless it's the really cruddy $1 bar soaps.  And then those dry out my face.  But to be fair, those dry out my hands and body as well.

After my makeup is off--this doesn't take much more than a 20 second rub of soap on eyelashes to remove the mascara* since I don't wear much make up anyway--I pat dry my face as completely as possible.  Then, I pour somewhere between a nickel- and quarter-size circle of oil into my palm, rub it on my other palm, and go to town rubbing my face.

I give a good 30 second massage all over every part of my face, sometimes with a little extra focus on problem areas like chin or nose.  Then I wet my washcloth in the hottest water my hands can stand.  You want the wash cloth hot (but not burny.  come on.)  Wring out the excess water, and plop the cloth on your face to rest and steam out your pores.  Like a mini facial every night!  Once the wash cloth cools.  Rinse it out in hot water again, wring, and gently wipe your face.  But don't wipe off ALL of the oil.  Leave that there for your moisturizer!

Firstly, I promise I'm not naked in that picture.  But it was either you get a glimpse of bra strap, or I crop it out.  I couldn't decide which looked more modest...    Secondly, I'd normally never be like, look at this picture of my face!  But I feel like a cleanser post requires it.

Anywho, I've found that in the winter, I typically have to use a bit of additional moisturizer, and I use Clean and Clear.  I've been using this for years and it is my favorite.  I can't stand heavy things on my face, and this is the best moisturizer while still being thin.

My face has seriously never been so clear of acne or red marks.  I have such pale skin that redness from zits is more of a problem than the zit itself.  That red would stick around for a week or so!  But with the oil cleanse method, it clears up in just a couple days.  So amazing.

Disclaimer:  I know some of my friends haven't had quite the same kind of results as I have with this method.  All skin is different!  But if I can convince someone to at least try this, and they get the same results as me? they'll love me forever.  And that's all I want.

*Whilst in Vegas, I mystified Lacy on how I could put liquid soap on my eyes without getting it IN my eyes.  Years of practice, maybe?  Or... I'm somehow magical.  My eyes are impervious to soap burning!  What a power to have.

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  1. I'm still amazed that this can work SO WELL for you and SO HORRIBLY for me. Wish I had your lovely skin. :)