Thursday, March 7, 2013

Packing - Vegas

vegas!! i am so excited to get out of salt lake, get some sunshine on my pasty white skin, see brian for days at a time (he's been living at the library lately), and most especially go on another trip with ashmond (we dubbed them that waaaaay back when they were only boyfriend/girlfriend. oh how times have changed).
 i also get excited to pack for a slightly different climate. it's going to be in the 70's this weekend, and while that's nowhere near tropical temperatures, it's going to be a noticable change from our recent utah weather.
i'm an overpacker by nature, but i've really been working on it. mostly because overpacking never really worked out. i'd pack a ton of outfits and still not want to wear any of the stuff i brought when i actually arrived at my destination. that all changed after i packed for my honeymoon. instead of coordinating specific outfits, i picked out a bunch of separate pieces that could work together.


vegas. by lacy-walker featuring a pocket skirt

this is my packing wishlist, but i think my actual bag will look preeeeetty similar. my wish of all wishes is to find a similar striped dress. i've also recently decided i want some distressed jeans. my family will give me an unending amount of crap for buying "already worn" pants, but it might be worth it.

this style of packing might not be big news to anyone, but it has really changed my life. keeping things in the same color family, and having a good mix of solids and prints makes it super easy to throw an outfit together and head out to the strip. i also like having a few different layering options, so i don't get suuuuper sick of the singular cardigan i packed. and since we walk a ton in vegas, comfortable shoes are really key.  

i don't know about you guys, but i'm ready to go home and fill up my traveling bag with clothes. unfortunately i have a job that doesn't let me leave on such whims.

until next time...

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