Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites -- Half Size

My thoughts are with Lacy today as she is out of town to attend her great grandpa's funeral.

As such, you only get a half-sized Friday Favorites today.  But it's been so long since we've posted one, that I figured a half one is better than none!

A few little updates first.  Remember that s'mores ice cream I was jonesing to make?
(People still say jonesing, right?  That's a thing?)
Well, I made it.  And it was glorious.

I loosely followed Jessica's recipe on How Sweet Eats, and swirled in some hot fudge and graham crackers to up the s'more-y-ness.  Excellent.

Secondly, my plants have sprouted like mad!  They first showed their green little faces on Saturday, and are growing so tall and lovely each day.

I was concerned they were growing too fast, so I asked my mom for her opinion.  I mean, they weren't supposed to even sprout until tomorrow, and they've been up for a week now!

Her response was, "God seems to know what He's doing most of the time,"
Wise words from my momma, regarding plants and life in general.

And with those two bits of blog business out of the way,  I bring you Friday Favorites!

This wrapping scarf from The Link Collective would make an excellent piece of wall art.

I wish I wore watches more often because this seems about perfect.

Looks like some skinny khakis will be making their way into my wardrobe soon.
(If I can find a good pair!)

I didn't know I loved Zebras until I saw this amazing photo.

And I can't stop dreaming about what a lemon goat-cheesecake would taste like after it was mentioned here.

Have a lovely weekend!
I plan to spend as much time outside as is humanly possible.

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