Friday, April 5, 2013

friday favorites.

my name is lacy and i'm stoked that it's Friday. as usual.
 this week went by super fast actually, but I always enjoy a couple days where I can sleep in, read outside in the afternoon, and take the time to cook an actual meal.
 tonight I get to watch my brother at his very last prom. (i'm from a very small town and they have a promenade before the dance actually starts. it's just charming). also this weekend is conference and I appreciate any opportunity to get some church in while wearing sweatpants.
other things i'm currently excited about... 

 I picked this up on a whim at target and oh man. combined with some sliced up bananas this has been my breakfast (and honestly, dinner) of choice lately.
I have very exciting news. I discovered a mint nail polish that isn't streaky. Essie Mint Candy Apple to the rescue! I've tried a bunch of mint polishes and they all have sucky coverage. this stuff is golden after two coats.
 this is all over pinterest, but it deserves it. i'll soon be scouring DI for my own painting to reinvent.
have I already mentioned that I want some torn jeans? caaaaaaause...I still do. a lot.
 this is my very favorite no heat curl tutorial.
for my hair I've found it has to be completely dry or else in the morning there's a curl party happening that cannot be stopped. you've been warned.
I've been wanting to get some plants for our apartment. specifically, ones that are difficult to kill. these, these, and these are real real pretty.
happy happy weekending to one and all.

 Hey-o.  Ashley here, and this weekend couldn't have come soon enough!  Our moving is finally, finally done.  Now comes a crap-ton of decor to hang/place/figure out/craft up.  Decorating is both my favorite and least favorite part of a new place.  I love all my cute things, but can never seem to place them in a way where I can step back and say, yes. this is me.

Thankfully, I have hours of home-time this weekend, and can arrange and re-arrange things whilst listening to conference.  My favorite weekend(s) every year.

 Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking blogs.  Deb's writing is brilliant and concise, and her recipes are fool-proof.  I can't stop salivating over this salty honeyed brown butter spread.
And I think I'll make the bread it comes on, too!

This is my first friday favorites item that I actually OWN.  I just bought this wallet, oh, 3 hours ago.  And I'm so happy with the neon coral color and the soft feel.
Target is killing it, guys.  As per usssh...? (how do you shorten 'usual' in type?)

 I found this manicure when Lacy and I were making up fake weddings, and I can't get over it's pretty-ness.  Simple and striking.

 We bought a great used couch on KSL Classifieds in brown and tan colors for our new place.  But I'm still dying over this wing-back chair.  Maybe we can find a way to fit it into the decor... somehow...

 I died laughing over this.  I don't have a source link, but whoever thought it up is my favorite person of all the people.

Also, Tavi Gevinson is my role model and she's ten years younger than me or something.

Lastly, settle something for us please.  Who's prettier?


  1. Ben Affleck is prettier. Definitely.

  2. Plus, I spelled definitely correctly, so that's worth something.

  3. My vote is for Ben. I'm not just saying that because Lacy is my wife. I'm saying that because look at his beard.