Friday, May 10, 2013

a return. with some friday favorites.

hello blog readers. (if there are any of you left)
sorry for the radio silence over here. Ashley and I simultaneously fell into a blogging funk. and we're both of the mindset to post quality rather than quantity, thusly the lack of any posting for the last couple weeks. but this nice weather is kind of inspiring, and is just begging for some new ice cream recipes and some summer outfit posts. we'll see what happens.
Ashley ditched me this afternoon to enjoy her early Friday quitting time. jerk.
(kiiiiiiidding. it's just that our gchat conversations are one of the only things that keep me going at work. but i'm glad she got some extra outside time today. it's glorious out)
anyway, I guess i'll do a Friday favorites post all by my lonesome. and it's a special themed Friday favorites called "things I want to buy from etsy"
 [forewarning. I've really been itching to redecorate lately,
so don't be surprised if most of this stuff is in that vein]
 this quilt is what dreams are made of. my dreams at least.
I think this is a good reminder to have around for days when you can't justify having ice cream for dinner. 
 for days when I just want to gaze at my own beautiful reflection. or make faces.
one day I woke up and I just wanted some unicorns. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
I never even knew I needed a ring holder until my eyes beheld this majesty.
 are these weird? I don't care, I want them.
 this globe is the prettiest globe.
 I know this banner is just a bit ridiculous. but I love it and want to hang it above my bed.
(or this one if I was feeling extra extra ridiculous)
and finally this case. which my phone would sure love to wear all summer long.
have a lovely weekend everyone! mine is going to include a long awaited haircut and a whole weekend with a husband who doesn't have to study anymore. shout hooray!

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