Wednesday, April 10, 2013

get my hair did.

as time goes on I find myself putting less and less effort into my hair. it occurred to me the other day that I haven't used my flat iron since I got married. I don't know if this is a side affect of being lazy, or if i'm just starting to enjoy my hair's natural texture instead of hot ironing it into a shiny flat (heat-damaged) situation. who can tell?

here are a few of my favorite hair products at the moment that help me achieve maximum laziness when it comes to styling.


1. i've been using this Suave Rosemary Mint shampoo for the last year or so. i think you're supposed to switch up your shampoo every so often because your hair gets used to it or something? but i'm calling shenanigans on that whole concept because anytime i try to use something different my hair gets greasy. and since i only wash my hair every two or three days, that's kind of a deal breaker. also this stuff is just ridiculously cheap. score!

2. a mean hairdresser at great clips recommended Redken Extreme Anti-Snap to me. and i bought it because i think i just wanted her to like me. (i'm really weird about getting approval from hairdressers. and librarians.) but! this leave in treatment is great and i think it really improves my split end situation. bonus! it helps with detangling.

3. my friend Brittany taught me how to use mousse in college (yes, i required a tutorial) and it was with a bottle of Tresemme.  i may have dabbled with some other brands in the past, but i always come back. it gives my flat flat hair the boost it desperately needs and it's just as effective as some of the more expensive brands I've tried. bam!


4. as previously mentioned i don't wash my hair every day. so dry shampoo is kind of imperative in the whole not looking disgusting goal. i've tried a couple brands but Not Your Mother's is my favorite. it doesn't have a weird smell and I love the messy volume it gives my hair. i'll use a little on my roots on just washed days for extra texture, and i spray a bunch in before bed on no-wash days, giving it plenty of time to absorb and work it's volume magic!

5. so i don't have an actual curling wand. but brian, kind soul that he is, removed the handles from both my curling irons. my curling iron is happy that it doesn't have unnecessary hardware, and my hair is happy that it doesn't get crease marks anymore. also I feel like I should say that I probably only use my curling iron once a week. this goes back to the laziness issue.

6. me and sea salt spray are having a real moment. I spray it on my half dried hair and kind of scrunch it before going to bed. when I wake up I can usually just brush it, add a little dry shampoo and go! ideally, I also curl some pieces with my curling "wand", but that only occurs on the rare occasion when my snooze button only gets hit once. again, i'm into this brand, and the pump handle makes it way easier to dispense the amount of sea salt spray i deem necessary.

so that's it. my whole repertoire of hair care products. occasionally i'll use a hair mask or something, but since i started washing my hair less, and thereby blow drying and heat styling it less, my hair is a lot less damaged. and since i learned to embrace it's natural state of sort of fluffy and a bit wavy, we've all been a lot happier.

however, if anyone has any killer hair product suggestions, i'm all ears. seriously.

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