Thursday, April 25, 2013

a gingham situation

I have a problem.
 Two problems actually. First, i can't stop saying situation. Ask Ashley. We hung out recently and I said situation probably 18 times in the four hours we spent together. And i was trying to hold back.
Second, I have a gingham obsession. Evidenced below is just a snippet of the problem.
Photo Mar 13, 10 45 04 AM
Photo Apr 22, 2 13 38 PM
also, for your viewing enjoyment both of these pictures have cats in them. they're really interested in my life.
I have a third problem.
I've had this draft sitting in blogger since yesterday and I can't seem to write anything cohesive. so here are some facts written in list form.
1. I pose with my hand on my hip a lot.
2. Both of these skirts were purchased at the DI.
3. Ashley helped me hem the blue one.
4. I bought the red one in Logan but I wasn't brave enough to wear it until I lived in Salt Lake.
5. The red skirt is especially great if on a windy day you feel like showing everyone your underwear.
6. Today I realized my shirt had a stain on it, but I was already all dressed and was too lazy to change it. I'm a grown up. 

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