Thursday, January 31, 2013

Confession & Circus

I've been lying to you.  I have, and I want to apologize now for that.


Plaid top: Old Navy, I think?   Skinny Jeans: Smith's Marketplace   Kicks: Target, on a huge sale

This is how I dress in real life when I'm not trying to impress people.  So all those previous posts, with cute boots and jewelry and bright colors?  That was me trying to impress you. (Ha, I know, my specialty is not in fashion.)

My slumming style was necessary, as I had a play date scheduled with my Little Sister (through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program), and with her?  I never know if we're gonna end up crawling through the trenches at some point.

My Little is 13 and really settling into that teenage stage nicely.  (Sometimes that's a fun thing, and sometimes... it's really really not.)  She lives clear out in the boonies, and the circus we planned to attend was clear out in the opposite boonies.  It's good she brought along her iPod, because we spent 30 minutes jamming out to Rihanna and Neon Trees and Chris Brown (and Carrie Underwood?), and I love being with her because I get to act like a teenager again--even if she finds me embarrassing.

I apologize for the blurry photos.  A dark arena and camera phone do not good photos make.

If you haven't been to a circus lately, I highly recommend it.  I looooved the tigers and the acrobatic-ists and I ate so much cotton candy that my stomach hurt for two full hours.

And to learn more about the BBBS program or show your support, go here:

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  1. haha at least we know you're human.