Monday, January 28, 2013

movie and snack review. staying-in style.

you know those weekends where you have lots of plans and errands and people to see and many to-do items to check off your list?
this was not one of those weekends. my one and singular plan was to make a ho-made (malad joke..) pie. i read up on pie crust to try and ease my fears and part of brian and i's friday night was spent purchasing the needed ingredients. (and a frozen pizza for dinner. we do things classy at our house).
i know you're at the edge of your computer chair wondering if i failed at pie crust. so i'm just going to tell you i did not make a pie. i was sick on the couch all weekend, and while visions of raspberry crumble pie danced in my head, there was no willpower to get my butt off the couch and standing in the kitchen.
so what, you may be asking, is this post even going to be about if not a delicious pie? firstly, it will be about peanut butter bites and secondly, it will be about movie reviews.
let's be real. i didn't take that picture. (but the blogger who did is amaaazing and you should follow her now. finder's fee goes to ashley) i was going to take a picture of the first batch i made but then....i ate them all. and then i made a second batch! but we had people over on friday and they helped eat all but three. (which was the point of me making them, so no hard feelings) i figured three peanut butter bites would make a pretty pathetic photo so....i ate them. are you seeing a pattern?
these bites can be whipped up in less than 15 minutes and are full of good stuff like oats and flaxseed. the recipe also calls for chia seeds but i wasn't willing to shell out that much money this time around. i'm considering doing variations on these with cookie butter and crushed up pretzels, or nutella instead of peanut butter.
check out jessica's original post and marvel at the rest of her pretty pictures and her hilarity (it includes the line “touch my balls and you’re dead” if that sparks your interest). then make a double batch. thank me whenever.
since my entire weekend was spent on the couch, we did get some movie watching done. i had already seen pitch perfect in theaters with ashley, but i've basically been wanting to watch it again since we drove out of the parking lot.
guys. just watch this. it's great. i laughed. brian laughed. the cats slept.
wins all around.
 i loved this movie. i think anyone could enjoy it, but it's extra relevant for anyone attending or who has attended college. a guy who graduated ten plus years ago can't quite move past his time at school and then elizabeth olsen shows up......conflict! ok, it's way better than i made it sound, but i'm finding out doing movie reviews might not be one of my strengths.
also weird side note, i really like elizabeth olsen's face. she's pretty in a really interesting way. feel free to chime in and agree with me so i don't feel like such a creeper.
here's to sick weekends and eating too much peanut butter!  

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