Thursday, January 24, 2013

husband style.

guys. one of the unexpected great things about cohabitation was suddenly having someone else's closet to pillage! i haven't yet tried to wear one of brian's button up shirts (though i've seen it done and aspire to such things) and i won't ever try to wear his pants.
[sidebar. a blogger i follow wore her husband's pants. but since they were too big she just left them unzipped and crossed one side over the other and belted it. i just don't see that jiving with actual life. like...there's nothing keeping all of your pants together....]
 i have had my eye on some of his v-necks, but as for now i've just commandeered the sweater section of his wardrobe.
cardigan: c/o brian (forever 21), button up: shade clothing, skirt: h&m, map shower curtain: target (old), green mirror: walmart
i actually gave brian this cardigan for christmas last year. who knew it would end up benefitting me someday? also, aren't mirror shots great?
 sweater: c/o brian, button up: h&m, jeans: american eagle, moccasins: minnetonka, cat: Oskar
this is basically my favorite kind of outfit. i would be wearing it right now if a. i was allowed to wear pants to work and b. the ice rain outside didn't make socks so essential.
i'll keep you updated on what other husband clothes i steal. except for pants.
never pants.

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