Friday, January 25, 2013

Bangkok Style

Get it?  Like I told you we were gonna do Gangnam Style?  But I'm going with a different Asian city instead?  Right?  ...Okay.

Happy Friday!

And welcome to my first outfit post.  It's a momentous one, because not only am I being brave and wearing red lipstick like it's a normal thing.  But.  BUT.  I ALSO successfully, for the first time ever, curled my hair using the wrap-around method without burning my fingers!  This is big news. 

(I know, I know, you probably mastered this in your teenage years or something.  Congratulations.)

 Sweater: Nordstrom Rack   Tank and colored tighs: Target   Skirt: Target, from like 5 years ago   Boots: Charlotte Russe   Necklace: gift from Husband

I'm feeling rather good about successfully putting together an outfit.  I'm sorry I don't accessorize much.  But I'm telling you, even getting this far, like adding tights and red lipstick?, made me 15 minutes late for work.

What I'm not telling you is how I ate a Beto's burrito for breakfast.  Like the entire thing.  I'm also not telling you about how every time I drive by the Bangkok restaurant sign, I giggle like a teenager, because, dirty...

 Also, I'm glad the weather is still cold, because it means I get more use out of my favorite, favorite coat.

Coat:  Vintage eBay find 

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