Wednesday, January 30, 2013

winter style.

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as most of you have probably noticed, winter has been a real kick in the face this year. and the hits just keep on coming. this morning marked the first one all week where i didn't get stuck leaving for work (a one-armed man pushed me out yesterday) and i was all sorts of triumphant. since moving to salt lake i've finally learned how to appropriately dress for winter. let's maybe skip over the four years in logan i spent trudging through the campus snow in converse. yeah. 
here is my current list of winter essentials.
1. thick socks. i like to wear a pair of wool socks over a regular thinner pair to keep my feet extra warm with boots. that's partly because my two pairs of wool socks have holes in them, but i still think it's a good idea. i've also found that brian's socks are a great alternative.
2. some tv seasons to pass the time. because, let's face it, i'm not going to brave the outdoors to socialize very often. brian and i bought all three seasons of community with our christmas money and it's been a great investment.
3. something i discovered this year (as previously mentioned in my husband style post) is that men's crewneck sweaters are amazing. i thrifted a striped one earlier this year and have to stop myself from wearing it every day. it's warm and the perfect amount of slouchy and i think it looks a tiny bit more put together than my gray hoodie with the orange nailpolish stain.
4. crockpot. because when you come inside and your glasses are so fogged up you can't even see your husband's face to kiss it, the smell of simmering soup is really great.
5. convertible mittens. this is the only style of gloves i buy anymore because they're perfect. you can go from texting to warm fingers in a matter of seconds. seconds!
6. ridiculous boots. ok. if you wear these kind of boots regularly i'm not judging you (unless you're wearing them with shorts. then i feel like i'm allowed to) but i don't personally love them. however, i like that this brand has an actual tread and i like having them around to make late night grocery store runs, or shovel snow, or to wear out to my car when i wear inappropriate shoes to work. also this brand now costs twice as much as when i bought them back in 2010.
7. more ridiculous boots. i actually love these but i could imagine they're not for everyone. they keep my feet securely on the ground and my toes super warm. and even though they are a pain to lace up and take off, the bad-ass feeling they give me is totally worth it.
8. candy cane cocoa. brian's parents gave us some for christmas and i'm in love. love love love.
9. puffer coat. this has been a game changer. i found a less fancy version of this coat at american eagle on super clearance right before christmas. i've worn it nearly every day since. it's super lightweight but somehow still warm. and i didn't realize how much of a difference a waterproof coat would make when i'm dousing myself with snow while scraping my car. (is that supposed to happen?)
what do you guys consider essentials for winter? i'm looking to add to my arsenal since it looks like it's not going to stop snowing till july. help us.

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