Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quickest Cookie and Tight Pants Style

Yesterday  morning, I decided I should wear my pink pants.  I love my pink pants.  I got them last year, while shopping with Lacy (was that while we were in Vegas?  Yes?  No?)  They are beautiful and work in any season and make me happy.

Shirt: so old I don't remember   Pink Jeans: American Eagle   Boots: Charlotte Russe

But there was a problem.  The pants felt tight.  Real tight.  And I couldn't decide if it was because they'd just been washed and this was the normal post-washing shrinkage that stretches out once you wear them a couple minutes, or... I've gained too much winter weight.  Either way, it broke my spirit, hard core.  And I spent the first 9 hours of the day eating like a bird.

I don't mind eating like a bird.  I actually love fruits and vegetables, and I think it's good for the body to cleanse itself out regularly by feeling hungry.

And then, Husband and I made faaaaancy steak burgers for dinner.  Here's a teaser:

I'll show you that recipe at a later date, probably.  It. is. kiiiiiller.

But, this recipe title promised cookies, and cookies you'll get.

(Can you tell how quickly I made up for my fewer-calories morning?  So quickly...)

Late last night, I was like, I want a cookie?  Even though Husband was still so full from the two burgers and ridiculous amounts of fries that we each ate.  Yes.  Two burgers.  That is how good they were and also how gluttonous we are.

So I saw a recipe on Pinterest and tweaked it up.

Have you heard of the mug cake?  That you make in a mug and microwave?  Well, here's his cookie cousin.  The recipe is as follows, all mixed in a regular cereal bowl:

1 Tbs. butter, softened or melted
1 Tbs. brown sugar
1/2 Tbs. sugar

Mix these together til creamed.  Add:

1 egg yolk
a few drops of vanilla

Mix well, and add:

1/4 c. flour, wheat or white
a sprinkle of baking soda
a sprinkle of salt

Stir til you get a cookie dough consistency, and then add:

as many chocolate chips as your heart desires.
 (I went with mini's)

  Put in the microwave for around 40-50 seconds for your desired baked doneness.

I think you could probably use the egg white instead of the yolk for less richness and less calories.  But play with the recipe as you will!  I loved the texture I got.

Enjoy for all your late night, over-eating on a tight-pants day, needs!

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