Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How do I even...? Layering

I don't know if you've noticed, but around this here internet space, Lacy is the fashion enthusiast, and I'm just often at a loss.

But I do know what I like.

And last night, I found this beautiful tank top at Target on clearance, and I had to have it.  This picture doesn't really do that embroidery justice.  Because it's ornate and lovely.

Here's the problem, though.  I knew, as I was purchasing it, that I'd get it home and have no idea how to style it. That whole pesky "being modest" thing means that my shoulders need to be covered.  And I just don't have any items in my closet that will do this tank justice.  After a little online Forever 21 shopping, I've found some options.

Maybe.  I don't actually know, because I can't do this whole styling and layering thing!  Help a sister out.

This cardigan is rather plain jane, and might be too warm because I can't do the summer heat.  Cannot do.  As little clothing and material as possible is a must.

I love the color and the light-weight material of this shirt.  But the tie-front thing might not fly if I'm just leaving the sheer shirt un-buttoned.

The shape and deep color of this button up is incredibly great.  Zipper sleeves?  I'm a fan.  But the color probably won't work with the very summer-y embroidery of the tank.

Chambray is everywhere, and I actually love the cropped length of this one to layer over a long-ish tank top.

I'm thinking with this semi-sheer white number, maybe I can layer it underneath the tank top for a kind of preppy collar under vest look?  Maybe?

Some input or links to your favorite ways of layering would be super helpful!

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