Friday, June 21, 2013

friday favorites - summer solstice style

happy summer solstice!! this is lacy. and can i say i'm actually a little sad that this is longest day of the year? it's just downhill from here (i sometimes get nostalgic for things that haven't happened yet). but we have a weekend full of fun plans with people we really like. so things are definitely going well.

here are my favorites for the week!

 can adults use this water swing set? because this adult wants to.

 so when i cut my hair i decided to trim some "swoopy" bangs. and i really like them, but i forgot how bangs don't do so well on second day hair. my solution has been to just pin them back on those days, and i think making some cute clips would make the situation even better.

i've been trying to knock some things off my birthday list. and these homemade poptarts are next on my list.

 a fancy grilled cheese party!! i cheese.

 these simple posters of song lyrics and tv quotes makes me happy. also cheap decor aaaaalways makes me happy. (secondly, you should just check our her blog. she's funny and has a cute dog. also she swears some....just fyi)

brian and i are looking to purchase a grill. and this is one of the first things i want to make on it. (and this sriracha street corn. because i almost cried with how delicious it looks)

anyone else feeling kind of antisocial lately? just me? ok....


I'm so excited for this whole first day of summer thing!  I'm going to TRY to get some kind of color on this pale skin of mine (without going overboard and stoking that whole skin cancer monster that lurks over me).  Other Summer goals:  going swimming in both a lake and pool, watch fireworks at least three times, sing along to blaring Summer songs in the car with the windows down, go camping at least once.  I think these can be done and with much gusto, too.

Now on to the favorites!

I've watched this gif more times than I can count.  It's amazing! Not sure of the original source but I found it from the hilarious Frogman.

I'm making this ricotta, lemon, and mint pasta for dinner, along with a grilled chicken breast.  It feels very weather appropriate.

I got animal crackers a few days ago, and was kind of disappointed.  I think my memory of animal crackers is of the less sweet off-brand variety.  So I found this recipe, and I think I'll attempt a less sweet version soon.

I have a strange and unexplainable infatuation with wallpaper, and this Orla Kiely version is really making me happy right now.

Strawberries and mint are currently in my fridge, and I think they're yelling out to be made into this goooorgeous lemonade.  Ooh, or maybe popsicles?

And lastly, I've listened to this song more times than I can count this week.  (Wait, let me try... Probably at LEAST five times.  Maybe more like eight.)

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