Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's finally starting to feel like summer, isn't it?  And since Husband is having a guys' night (which I find just adorable) I'm making a girls' night of it with a beautiful evening hike.  It should be the perfect day for it.

Also, here's a pre-apology if you're sick of how much I'm talking about food.  But the majority of my favorites today will be food.  I'm not sure what my deal is, but it's like cooking and baking is all I think about anymore.

Oh, and I started an internship of sorts at a local bakery, and I'm having the time of my life.  Who knew it was so much fun to crack 96 eggs at a time, or scale out 20 cakes worth of batter, or zest 25 oranges on a microplane?  Wait... no one?  I might be alone on this.  But this is why I'm obsessed with baking lately.  I'm guessing it's just a phase...  But we'll see.

 Lemon Cronuts!  Apparently cronuts (a mix between croissants and donuts) are all the rage in New York right now.  I don't know anything about that, but I do know I want to eat these up.

 Overnight raised waffles.  I'm really in the mood to make a real breakfast, so I'm thinking I'll start this batter tonight and let them sour up nicely for the morning!
(That sounds gross.  But I'm really looking forward to it.)

 In other things that might sound gross... Parmesan Pudding!  I know, right?  But something about creamy rich parmesan cheese spread over toasts with proscuitto and asparagus?  I die.

 Husband found out that I call potato bugs what he calls roly-polys, and the mocking was endless.  This map was a real vindication in proving that I'm not completely crazy.  Also, it's possible I wasted a lot of time reading over the full list of 120 linguists maps.

 Something about the juxtaposition of the mounted rabbit opposite the wall art rabbit really cracked me up and sparked my interest.  Hmmm... what kind of mounted animal could I keep in my house to get this same look?

I don't know if I've shown this to you guys already or not, but every time I see it, my jaw just drops. What a beautiful design for a window.  Love.

i wholeheartedly agree with ashley. both on it feeling like summer and that the baking and eating of things is awesome. i'm currently obsessed with making crafts/decorating my apartment. this is a problem because we're moving soon-ish and i don't want to a. decorate something i'll have to take down soon and b. craft anymore stuff that i'll have to pack. so i'll just keep on pinning stuff to my craft board in the meantime.

 like this yarn wall art by jen loves kev. so pretty. (i'm super obsessed with her chalkboard wall calendar too)

i dream of having a big dining room table someday. think i could convince brian to make this for me?

i recently came into some washi tape and realized i don't actually know what to do with it outside of present wrapping. something like this would be just great.

we may or may not have a crap ton of twine leftover from our wedding. i think these pendant lamps would be a great use of the excess.

i would eat these brown butter salted caramel snickerdoodles for lunch AND dinner.

this just kills me. also, i want to eat a brownie.

happy weekending everyone!


  1. Thanks Ashley, now I have more things I need to bake ;-) Already making bread, cinnamon rolls and quiche this weekend. Also, when it comes to a love of baking, it's not just you!

  2. 1. Yes, you could convince me to make that table. Probably the chairs and bench as well.

    2. That brownie thing is extra hilarious to me because it's a bunch of Doctor Who references.