Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a belated easter dress.

i got this dress for easter and since the temperatures dramatically dropped the next weekend, i sort of forgot about it. 

sidebar. does anyone else have a mom who still buys them an easter dress? or is mine the only awesome one? 

anyway, i don't know if any of you remember but i was desperately wanting a striped dress when we went to vegas. deeeesperately. who knew the perfect one was just waiting for me at h&m! and for something like 13 dollars! (also looking at this picture i realize this whole outfit is from h&m. they should sponsor us or something..) i've already worn this dress twice this week and it's soooo comfortable i plan on pretty much living in it this summer. 

i'm not sure if this dress is still available at h&m but if it is you should all probably buy it. the reasons are as follows
1. it's cheap. super cheap.
2. it's comfortable. soooooo comfortable.
3. it came in solid colors and other stripe colors. maybe you should buy a few.
4. for other modest-challenged women like myself, this dress goes to the knee and has 3/4 length sleeves. something that is soooo hard to find in a summer dress these days.

go forth and purchase! (or not, i really don't care either way) 

p.s. do you like our new bathroom rug? because both of our cats really do.

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