Friday, June 14, 2013

friday favorites

Hey-o and a happy Friday to you!  My morning started off with a morning bun from Tulie Bakery, so you know I'm pretty happy today.  Husband has mooooore homework to do tonight, so I've really got to find something fun to ditch him for.  Like the pool!  (I'm kidding.  Mostly.)

Side note before we get going.  I painted my nails last night, and they're this sparkly orange color.  I'm trying to be on board with it, but I think maybe orange just isn't my color.  But I do want new nail polish!  So shoot my some links of pretty colors if you know any.

And here we go.

A souffle that not only doesn't require as much scary work, but is also froooozen for the summer?  I'm on board with this whole list.  Particularly the lemon and praline flavors.

We're having a campfire this weekend!  I can't wait to smell like smoke and get my hands all dirty in the woods.  Maybe I'll even get a splinter!  I'm definitely going to reference Joe's list of brilliant campfire pastries.  I mean, campfire macaroons?  I. Am. In.  Also, campfire roasted marshmallow strawberries?  Yes.

This color palette and beautiful photo make me want to dissolve through the computer screen and onto this beach.  Perfect color scheme.  And I can't get over all the other pretty color schemes Lita Johnson has come up with over here.

I made these salty almond and dark chocolate cookies last night, and they really are rather amazing.  We put two-thirds of the batch in the freezer for when we get future cookie cravings.  Mmm-mm.

This Insta is from a friend of a friend, and I'm completely fond of it.  Can I please go swimming riiiiiight noooooow?

And lastly, from me at least, some old school summer tunes for ya.


my turn! (this is lacy, by the way) 

firstly, can you tell we're excited for summer around here? currently my office feels like it's about 40 degrees and i'm contemplating some tea. so yeah, getting some sunshine would be just great. this weekend we're going to roast some things over a campfire (as ashley already mentioned), and brian and i are going to start our first round of apartment hunting. yay! (i weirdly love looking at apartments. i've been searching online for months)

and we're off!

i maybe gasped out loud a little when i saw this bathroom. luckily i have my office to myself on fridays. but seriously. white white plus all those mirrors is kind of a dream bathroom situation. 

 this outfit is perfection. also, that's a skort. a SKORT. me and skorts go waaaaaay back. and i want to rekindle that friendship.

 Rifle Paper makes some of the prettiest posters i've ever laid my eyes on. but since i can't justify shelling out the big dollars for one, this pack of cards might tide me over. 

this homemade orange and cranberry facewash by Sincerely, Kinsey looks incredible. i want to try making all of her beauty goods.

 this tote folds out into a blanket!! i kind of hate lugging a blanket to the park (lucky for me, brian doesn't seem to) and this is the perfect solution!

this seems like a better storage option for my ukulele than the kitchen table. 

i just thought this was pretty.

hap-happy friday! i hope you all get to eat some s'mores this weekend!

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