Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Impress Press On Nails: A Review by Lacy

I've tried fake nails exactly once. It was in middle school, during a sleepover. They were sooo long and made it basically impossible to deal with my contacts. I had ripped them all off by the next day because they were so irritating. I'm not sure why I decided I NEEDED to try these fake nails out, when I've had so little experience with this genre of nail care. But...I did. And here's a review for you!

The Impress Nails come in this cute bottle, and each set comes with 24 nails. (So if you can get the sizes to work out, you could get two full manicures out of this. You can probably do that math yourself, I just thought I'd point it out.)

I don't know if these necessarily take less time than just painting your nails. But I also spent a lot of time picking the sizes, and I applied them fairly slowly in an effort to get them aligned properly and all that business. Here's what they looked like before I did any filing.

I really liked the shape of these, and the fact that the standard size is considerably shorter than most fake nails I've seen. (They do offer some in longer lengths, if that's your thing.)

It also took me a little bit to get them filed down, but that's probably because my nail file is pretty crappy. I'm wondering if a metal file would be more effective than the emery board I was attempting?

The top picture is my nails after they were filed. To compare, the second photo is my actual nails, after I did a particularly good job painting them. (and yes, I'm weirdly wearing the same pants in both pictures. Considering these pictures are a good year apart, and I rarely wear those jeans, it's pretty weird.) I liked how it was relatively easy to get the fake nails to look like the shape of my actual nails. If you have really round nails naturally, you would probably  have to put a bit more effort into filing them. (assuming you even wanted them round or shorter.)

My overall grade is an A! These nails stayed on a full week (and honestly could have stayed on longer if I hadn't realized the edge of ONE nail was loose and instantly decided I needed to peel them all off). They didn't bug me like I expected, and I really loved having nice looking hands for a whole week. (I don't know about you, but my nail polish usually chips in the first couple days. And I'm too lazy to redo it for at least a week. Sometimes two...) They didn't leave any residue on my nails, and besides being a little dry, my nails seemed no worse for wear after the removal.

You can find these at Target or Walgreens. At least in Murray, Walgreens seemed to have a better selection. You can also buy them online here or here. If any of you try these out, let me know if you liked them!

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