Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! Lacy here, starting off some Friday favorites for this week. It's Friday, it's nice out, and Brian and I have plans to get Chinese food tonight, so I'm pretty happy about life in general. This time of year just really gets me in all those happy brain places. (there may be some help from pregnancy hormones this time around, but who can say for sure.) Here's some things I'm excited about this week!

Pregnancy has messed with my taste buds in that I rarely crave chocolate anymore. There's a bag of chocolate chips in my cupboard that I'm sure is suffering from severe abandonment issues. However, I do want all the citrus and lemon things, so this pie is especially appealing to me. Especially since it has an easy graham cracker crust.

I go through phases of being very interested and very not interested in cross stitch. It usually comes down to the thread in my current project being tangled, and me being too lazy to rethread it. I just started this pattern for baby girls nursery and I have high hopes of actually finishing it. (Additionally, since I spend a lot of time watching TV after work, this makes me feel like I'm sort of getting something done...)

Maternity overalls are a thing I want? They're proving pretty hard to track down (this pair from H&M is sold out) and I'm thinking that's the universe's way of saying "Lacy, do not squeeze your pregnant self into a pair of overalls. Really. Don't."

 The caption for this picture on Pinterest was "Cat ran out of toner". Even disregarding my love for grey cats, that was enough for me to love this shot.

Headbands! Summer! They go hand in hand. And thusly, I want to make this one.
Happy National Donut Day! I ate two in a row and followed it up with a donut hole. (Unrelated - wish me luck on my gestational diabetes test next month!)

Hey hey!  Ashley here, and I'm pretty happy about my Friday despite no one at work getting my Rolling Stones reference earlier today.  Harrumph.  Also despite my lingering nausea after suffering a bout of stomach flu (or gastroenteritis, if you're medically inclined.) Still, it's a good day.  And I get to spend my next few days prepping to make someone a wedding cake!  (I'm terrified.)

First up, rooms I'm interested in for reasons unknown to myself.

I scrolled past these photos in Apartment Therapy's feed, and on each of them, I had to scroll back up and take a second and third look.  I love the bright pops of lime (chartreuse?) green in the top photo.  So eye catching!
And maybe it's just the composition of the second photo?  But something about all the straight lines in this photo... the walls, the couch, the books and book ends... I can't stop staring.

 Solidifying herself as the coolest person I'll never meet, it turns out Audrey Hepburn had a pet deer.  I want that life.

Anthology Mag continues to post the prettiest things ever.  I have no place for these hexagonal... things.  And no use for them.  And yet... Love.

 The Line Shape Colour blog has quickly become my favorite wanderlust website.  The photos are gorgeous and completely capture the moment.  It's like I'm actually there. Sigh... this is in Kathmandu, a place I never knew I needed to go to.  Until now.

This is a photo of the "Marveilleuses" of Paris in 1908.  I just... why can't we dress like this anymore?  I mean, even back then it was considered overly decadent.  But still, I'd like to have a reason to put on a hat five times the size of my head that renders the umbrella I'm carrying completely unnecessary, but I would carry that umbrella anyway because, dang it, fashion.

And a treat for your weekend!  This sparkling cherry lemonade is going to be made the moment Lacy's pool welcomes us for a pool party.

Happy Friday, friends!  Go out and do something summery!

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  1. Yay!! Friday Faves are baaaack! Lacy, I want to make that headband with you. And then have you show me how to wear it.