Monday, September 9, 2013

wishlist - september

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i'm alive! after an unplanned summer break (i got real caught up in packing and moving and unpacking and...being married? i don't know) i'm back.

and with a september wishlist to get back in the game!

1. i had a (muuuch cheaper) target version of these shoes. and i loved them. i could wear them without falling down and they actually looked cute with tights. and then they broke. like jerks! i can't imagine i'll pay for this particular pair, but if i find a more affordable version, they're going right into my cart.

2. the entire blogosphere is ready to start dressing for fall and i'm going to jump off that bridge with them. wearing a button up shirt under a puffy vest is something that has never before occured to me....and i'm super on board. the only caveat is that i'm under a self-imposed clothes shopping ban until 2014. gross. why did i do that?

3. it's still 90 degrees outside, but i want to eat soup and paninis for every meal. thusly, i should definitely own a panini press

4. i bought some Russian nesting doll (matroyshka) measuring cups and i am infatuated with them. so much so that i now want to start collecting real ones.  

5. this jacket. it's all i want in a fall jacket. it's all i want in life. someone please buy it and let me admire you in it.

6. ignore the lame shirt and focus solely on those awesome sweat pants. i'm hoping i can get similar results with a sharpie marker and some existing lounge pants...  i'll keep you posted.

7. this print speaks the truth. and needs to be in my kitchen.

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